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So we have been wanting to launch a super simple crawler/light weigh trail buggy for quite some time, and with the current economic climate and not many races going ahead for the foreseeable future, there couldn’t be a better time for us to get this off the ground.

Our first kit style chassis contains everything you need to build a tough little rig for fun days out playing  off-road.

This is a self build with the chassis supplied fully welded and all brackets in kit form. Included in this kit are the following items:

  • CNC profiled chassis kit (un-welded)

  • 4-Link chassis brackets

  • Upper shock mounts

  • Front firewall

  • Laser cut body panel kit (roof, doors, front/rear quarters, hood)

Additional items available for this chassis are:

  • Winch mount kits

  • 4-Link kit with weld bungs and steel to fabricate links

  • Brackets and tabs for axles (kits available for Spidertrax, Nissan Y61 & Volvo 303C)

The all new “ASSASSIN” is an homage to our light weigh challenge buggy that had great success on the winch challenge circuit around a decade ago!

It’s lightweight but stout and spacious design allows a wide range of mild to wild drive train options.

From the ground up we have designed the Assassin specifically with the home builder in mind. 

The chassis is constructed primarily of 1.75 & 1.5” CDS tube with a centre door width of 50”. In keeping with the light weight narrow crawler design it accepts 14” x 2.5” body Air Shocks all round. Rear mounted radiator utilising the inner chassis rails as the coolant tubes. Accepts 40” tyres with ease and designed at 107” wheelbase with lots of room for longer/shorter if desired.


The simple spacious frame allows the builder to select the fuel cell and ancillary components they desire to suit.

Contact us for current lead times

Please contact us for a quote - please could you include as much information as you can regarding panels, mounts, drivetrain and axels you wish to use.

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