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Our 2020 Front Engine Single Shock chassis has some seriously cool new design upgrades  

  • Improved passenger space and head height

  • Improved chassis design, up-rated suspension mounts

  • Upgraded material specs


and not to mention improved look by increasing the bulkhead angle and wind shield rake. A lot of development has gone in to this Chassis to bring you a strong versatile vehicle. It’s an affordable chassis that is happy at any level of competition or even just as a trail rig. Built to MSA / UK Motorsport spec.

Available as the Jeep style Interceptor or Offender Tray Back.  Fully CNC cut, bent and jigged.

  • Solid Axel

  • Front Engine 

  • Single Shock - Coil-over, Air Shock or Internal Bypass

  • Front & Rear Winch Mounts

  • 32 Gallon Jaz Fuel Cell

  • 4 Link Suspension

  • Wide range of brackets & panels for self build

This chassis is available as a self build kit with chassis frame supplied fully welded on our jig tables ready to install our laser cut brackets. Price starts from £8500 + vat for the fully welded chassis and major DIY parts kit.

DIY builder kit Includes the following parts - 2020 spec Chassis fully jigged and welded. (no brackets installed)

  • All major panels/bodywork (laser cut and CNC folded)

  • All upper shock mounts (Laser cut and including machined weld washers.

  • Full Skid plate kit including laser cut mounts.

  • Firewalls and footwells, full laser cut and CNC folded.

  • All body panels including roof.

  • Bump stop cans and mounts

  • 4 Link chassis mounting brackets upper and lower including machined weld washers.

  • Front winch mounting assembly.

Offer does not include installation of these parts but we are happy to quote for this service if you require.

Also we have available a plethora of other brackets and parts to help you finish your build quickly and efficiently.  We also offer full axle bracket truss kits for Spidertrax, Nissan Y61 and Volvo C303 Portals depending on your build specification.

We specialise in turn key vehicles but we are able to supply our SINGLE SHOCK CHASSIS at varying levels of completion from a basic chassis with major suspension brackets in kit form, along will all panels, tabs and brackets for other ancillary items - please get in contact to discuss your requirements. This chassis has been designed to be a competitive vehicle on a sensible budget with many components that can be upgraded or adapted later down the line.

All our vehicles designed to accept Chevy LS engines, it doesn't matter if you choose a 250bhp motor or a 700bhp monster they all use the same engine mounts. With jigs in-house we are able to install LS motor mounts and GM Turbo 400 & 4L80E transmission mounts too without needing the drive train at our shop to fit.

Please contact us for a quote - please could you include as much information as you can regarding panels, mounts, drivetrain and axels you wish to use.

We are able to supply many specialist parts you may need to finish your build:

  • Jeep TJ Style Hood/Bonet & Grill kits

  • GM Performance Crate, CBM Race or 'Take-Out' LS Engines with run kits , GM transmissions, transfer cases & diffs

  • Radiators and coolers including mounting bracket kits

  • Aluminium body panels, footwells, bulkhead & dashboards 

  • Wheels & tyres

  • Full hydraulic steering kits - PSC, Trail-Gear or HOWE

  • Spidertrax Axels and occasionally we have good donor Nissan Y61 available

  • Seats, harnesses & window nets

  • Suspension links, joints, limit straps, shocks & bump stops

  • Lights, communication, navigation

  • ... and many other race proven parts

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