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More info about chassis.....

  • Independent Front Suspension

  • Spidertrax Rear Axel

  • 2 Seater

  • 32 US Gal. Custom Fuel Cell Rear & Front Cell 

  • Mid Engine LS 

  • Coil-over & Bypass Shocks

  • 4-link suspension with Trialing Arms

More info about chassis.....

Please contact us for a quote - please could you include as much information as you can regarding panels, mounts, drivetrain and axels you wish to use.

We are able to supply many specialist parts you may need to finish your build:

  • Jeep TJ Style Hood/Bonet & Grill kits (Not suitable for Eurofighter Chassis)

  • GM Performance Crate, CBM Race or 'Take-Out' LS Engines with run kits , GM transmissions, transfer cases & diffs

  • Radiators and coolers including mounting bracket kits

  • Aluminium body panels, footwells, bulkhead & dashboards 

  • Wheels & tyres

  • Full hydraulic steering kits - PSC, Trail-Gear or HOWE

  • Spidertrax Axels and occasionally we have good donor Nissan Y61 available

  • Seats, harnesses & window nets

  • Suspension links, joints, limit straps, shocks & bump stops

  • Lights, communication, navigation

  • ... and many other race proven parts

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